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Revlar Diagnostics

Vial labeled COVID-19 Positive

The Problem with Today's Tests

LFA (Lateral Flow Assay)

Fast Point of Care test, but often (20% to 40% of the time) give false negative results

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

​Highly accurate, but can take a day or more for results and are resource intensive, requiring specialized equipment performed in a lab


The BioSwitchPlatform

We aim to address the weaknesses of existing testing infrastructure. Instantaneous results

PCR-like accuracy without the delay and expense.

Advanced Testing Platform

Our mission is to transform the diagnostics industry with breakthrough technology to provide users with faster, easy-to-use, lower cost and more accurate testing products.

Our Research

  • The BioSwitch allows for a ‘Lego-like’ configuration of amino acids. This configuration enables the use of a variety of nanobodies as probes, and various reporter molecules and substrates for the signal.

  • The reporter signal can be colorimetric, bioluminescent or fluorescent given the purpose of the test.

  • BioSwitch technology is designed to be capable of detecting many strains of disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and several cancers.

  • Beyond human diagnostics, the BioSwitch has applications for animal husbandry, agriculture, and industrial uses.

Revlar Diagnostics' initial applications of the BioSwitch will diagnose SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and influenza A & B in laboratory, commercial, and consumer settings.

Scientists at University College Dublin, Ireland are developing a novel diagnostic platform for detecting infectious diseases. The platform uses a uniquely designed biosensor in the form of a hinged peptide molecular switch. We call this biosensor the BioSwitch™ and its design employs nanoscale engineering to create accurate and fast diagnostic tests.

Recent results show that the BioSwitch is capable of outperforming previous diagnostic technologies in sensitivity, specificity, and speed. 

Revlar Labs Molecular Hinged Peptide Switch binding to COVID spike epitope demonstration

Our Strategic Partnerships

University College Dublin

Leinco Technologies, Inc.

Toolbox Medical Innovations


Our Development Strategy

With our research partners at University College Dublin in Ireland (UCD), Revlar Diagnostics is developing a new biotechnology for early detection of: 


  • COVID-19 and its variants

  • Influenza A & B

  • Aggressive cancers

  • Other transmissible diseases


December 2021
Revlar Labs is pleased to announce that it has been selected to present at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco during the 2022 JP Morgan Healthcare week. 

Dr. James Erickson, will be showcasing our BioSwitch technology at the 40th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. For more information about the conference, click here

September 2021
UCD and Revlar Labs Shortlisted for 2021 Knowledge Transfer Ireland Industry Engagement Award
Stage for KTI Impact Awards

We are very honoured to have been included among the innovative companies recognised by Knowledge Transfer Ireland. We are also very gratified that KTI has spotlighted the groundbreaking work of Dr Donal MacKernan. He and his colleagues at UCD have created... Read more here

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